PINEHURST, NC – TriCal Soil Solutions, Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Teleos Ag Solutions, a newly-formed global agricultural chemical sales, service, and distribution company, announces an exclusive distribution agreement with Dow Corporation for Telone®, the premiere pre-plant soil fumigant for control of all major species of nematodes, including root-knot, lesion, stubby-root, dagger, ring and cyst. With this agreement, beginning January 1, 2021, Teleos Ag Solutions will assume worldwide distribution from Corteva Agriscience, and begin building its product portfolio, bringing a powerful solution to growers battling crop-destroying pests and pathogens.

Telone® is widely accepted worldwide as the industry standard pre-plant nematicide in vegetable crops, potatoes, onions, field crops, fruit and nut crops, nursery crops, and mint. With Teleos Ag Solutions taking over, the transition for customers and growers is expected to be smooth. As part of the TriCal Group, Teleos Ag Solutions will leverage the 50 years of agri-chemical and soil fumigation expertise of its parent company while operating independently to preserve the integrity of long-standing relationships that customers and growers have previously shared with Dow and Corteva.

“We are committed to the end-to-end stewardship of this product. We will work to develop strong partnerships with established customers while developing new growth markets,” said Dennis Lane, Teleos Ag Solutions President. In his former life, Lane was the product manager for Telone® when the product was distributed by Dow AgriSciences. Lane is excited to merge his former knowledge and passion for the product with this new opportunity, and he believes it will be a win for everyone involved.

About Teleos Ag Solutions

Teleos Ag Solutions is the newly established worldwide distributor of Telone®, the premiere pre-plant soil fumigant for control of plant parasitic nematodes and certain other destructive soil pests. Teleos Ag Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TriCal Soil Solutions, Inc. and part of the TriCal Group, known for its expertise in soil health and over 50 years of experience in soil fumigation. In partnership with Dow Corporation, Teleos Ag Solutions is committed to bringing technical sales and service support to farmers around the world. For more information go to

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